Hey Travelers! We are right in a new year which is a perfect number but in Spain Christmas has not finished yet. The most magics days are yet to come because the king parade represents a special tradition to everyone.

Fortunately, this year Kings parade gets even bigger in Vigo since the route It takes is expanded to more streets. Therefore It will last longer and more people can presence this spectacle as well as pick up double the candy.

The thematic for this year is the protagonists of the childhood tales. So we can expect to see some of our favorite movie characters as well. Some of those never get out of fashion so both the youngest and the oldest of the family can identify them and take pictures of them: Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell, etc.

Anyway we can not forget about the real protagonists of the 5th of January: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. This three best friends will start its parade at Isaac Peral at 18:00 and then will take a break to meet the mayor Abel Caballero. After that they will continue the route taking Paseo de Alfonso street.

Because of this big celebration the streets will be close that day from 17:00 so the area can be safe and everything will be ready for those thirteen parades.

Every year more people join the citizens of this city around this time of the year to see this huge event. That is why they made the decision to make it longer so more people can enjoy the magic of the Spanish Christmas.