Hey travelers! We are in the middle of the summer and we cannot stop talking about one of the best things Galicia has: Cíes Islands.

This is a natural paradise placed in front of Vigo’s estuary and It is formed by three islands: Monteagudo or the Norther Island, The Middle or the Lighthouse Island and San Martin or the Souther Island. The biggest one out of the three is Monteagudo and It is only 4Km long so going for a hike will not be tiring. All of the routes are perfectly marked and the views and its own wildlife will make an impression.

The North Island joins the Middle Island throughout the paradisiac beach of Rodas. This is one of the hotspots of this little archipelago and the best to enjoy the beach after a long walk.

It is only possible to travel here during summer season. You can do It whether by boat or catamaran and It is available from different locations in Galicia: Vigo, Cangas, Baiona or Moaña. The roundtrip ticket is less than 20€. However, in order to visit this marvelous place you have to apply for an authorization because of the uniqueness of the habitat that is being preserved.

Here you can also find a camping area and a canteen that It is opened during the whole hot season outside those months It is only order in order to feed the three watchmen that take care of the park. If you want to stay for a night you can book a place in the camping.

Cies Islands are the perfect getaway of the stress of the city, ready for the visit?