Hey travelers! We are jumping into June and the sun is already out so there is not better option than to go for a walk with your bestie. Yes, we are talking about that little hairy and fluffy creature that follows you everywhere.

If you enjoy bringing It to every trip and experience you involve yourself, we have good news for you! This year Pontevedra has the privilege to have six beaches where you can enjoy a quick dip with your four-legged best friend.

Just passing by the popular beach of Samil we can find the two of them that are the closest to Vigo. Calzoa and Foz beaches have got the clearest waters and the best views in town.

Cunchiña beach, in Cangas, is only thirty minutes away from Vigo by car. This is a really calm and quiet location where you can enjoy a refreshing afternoon.

The next two, O Espiño and O Portiño beaches, are placed in the San Vicente do Mar marina (O Grove). It takes about an hour to go all the way up there but It is worth the journey. This is because on your way you can also appreciate the amazing views and once you get there you will be at one of the best dog-friendly beaches.

In less than thirty minutes you will be at Cesantes and Chapela beaches in Redondela where you can acknowledge San Simón Island.

Finally, O Castelete is the last dog-friendly beach in Pontevedra. It is located in Vilagarcía de Arousa which takes around fifty minutes to get there.

It is inevitable to rent or take a car with you in order to access to all of this places in the company of your little puppy. So, since you are going on a four wheeled trip we recommend you to go to O Espiño and O Portiño beaches in O Grove. On your way you can be delighted by the Galician nature.