¡Hey Travelers! December is already here and so are the best things we can do around this time of the year: to see the Christmas lights, ride the ferry wheel, listening to the Christmas songs played at any place possible and to have the loved ones next to us.

We bring the best of news because to be fair Vigo celebrates Christmas as any other city in Spain. It is not just about the lights but the this city gets really busy with different events that take place so… ¡Get your agenda ready!

If you are thinking about spending a few days in Vigo, you will not be able to skip the Christmas lights, the ornaments or the snow cannon. During that time the city will provide buses with five different routes in order to be able to see all of the above. Each of them takes from 1 hour to 40 minutes and It goes from the city center to Traviesas, Bouzas, El Calvario and Teis. This buses are called “Nadalbus” and you can book your ticket online or fiscally at “O Cometa” which is an old blue bus placed in the old town. The ride is free for kids.

This year in the middle of our main Avenue we have a ferry wheel and It has been the protagonist since It is 62m high. You can have the best skylight views there. Also, really close to this you will find the brand new 50 meters long ice ramp and as many years before It is installed the ice rink.

To end the afternoon in the right way we would advice to finish it with a walk around the different European Christmas markets. You can find those at many streets all really close by the hotel: Londres, O Calvario and La Alameda. There you can enjoy the music shows, some activities for kids, different  shopping stands and many locals where to grab a nice hot chocolate with churros.