Hey travelers! Did you know National Geographic named Vigo as one of the best destinies to travel with kids? It is both because of the surroundings and Its services that It has become a reference as a touristic place and so this prestigious magazine notice.

They mentioned Samil as one of the prettiest beaches of the Spanish cost and also one of the most equipped with access free swimming pools, basketball fields, green areas, playground and a huge sand area that allows to enjoy all summer afternoons. Another options to go for a swim are Alcabre and O Vao beaches.

Moreover, you can visit Castrelos parks where you can fine the Quiñones de León country house and a Riouxa where a lot of activities take place in summer.

The top of La Guía forest is one of the best spots to enjoy a sunset and there you can also find the lighthouse which is the oldest after the one in A Coruña, the Torre de Hércules. To visit the Zoo you have to go up to the A Madroa forest and kids under two years old will enter for free.

In the middle of the city you will find O Castro that is another forest that has a giant playground which is mentioned by National Geographic magazine. It is an interactive place where kids can learn and have fun at the same time.

Vigo is a place that you will enjoy walking around the avenues, the port and the harbor. Its old town is also a good area to visit or you can decide to take the touristic bus which is free for those under the age of five and has quite some stops: Castro, Samil and Castrelos.

What if It rains? There are plenty of options such as Naturnova or Museo del Mar to go visit with the kids so they are entertained.

This city’s charm gained Julio Verne’s heart, author who wrote a couple of chapters about the city in his novel “20.000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

Why not to fall in love with Vigo?