Hey travelers! We know It can be though to get out of the house during winter time and It seems like the best plan is to stay at home watching Netflix on repeat and to wrap yourself as a burrito with a blanket.

However, for those who are more adventurous this can only last a day or two and so we bring you this list of museums. Those are really different and can make the time skip forward, get ready!

Because of the city geolocation and Celtic history It counts with lots of different museums that reflect the essence of the city. If any of these where outside this city its many would loose all of its sense.

We start at the Marco which is the Contemporary Museum of Art placed in the city center. Whether alone or in a family trip you will have a good time here because of the different exhibitions they have and because of how fast they get new ones. Moreover, this center has activities and courses for kids and adults and some of them you can assist for free.

The Verbum is a whole interactive experience. It is commonly known as the “words’ house” and Its uniqueness starts at the way the building is shaped since It’s a four level building built by boxes. Each one of these hosts different factors that interferes in the communication processes of the human being.

They say this City started from the ocean and It is a true fact that most of its industry and history is somehow related to It. Just on the beachfront we find the Museo del mar which is the best place to get a major on the Atlantic Ocean. Its building also includes an aquarium, a restaurant and a chill out area where you can see the beach and the best sunsets.

It is presented as an Environment Interactive Education Center and Its aim is to raise awareness about the world we live in. Naturnova tries to explain the importance of the earth throughout images, objets, smells and scale representations. Here you will find out curiosities that will impress kids and adults.